However God calls you to faithfully give,
we make it simple.


Text the amount you would like to give to Liberty Church’s designated number: 256-229-4944

  1. If you are a first time, text-giving donor you will be prompted to visit a secure URL.
  2. Once you click the secure registration link, you will enter your credit or debit card information. At this point your donation will process.
  3. You will receive a confirmation text showing that your donation and registration were successful.

GIVE via Online Payment

We make it super easy to give online!  Simply complete your amount, click GO and then fill out your information.  Completely safe and secure giving.

NOTE: If you are a first time donor you will enter your personal registration information into the form and click submit. At this point please follow the online instructions related to your preference as to how you want to give.

Additional Giving Information:

  • Liberty Church General Fund is the default account that your donation will be deposited.
  • At this point in time we do not offer options to make special donations to other areas of ministry.