We are committed to win the lost, make disciples, and destroy the works of the devil in Lira, Uganda and any place else God opens up opportunities.

We will be on purpose to create long term relationships that will equip pastors and church leaders to reach their communities and countries for Jesus Christ, to start sponsorship ministries for parent employment, children education, village schools, and fresh water wells.


Liberty International was “conceived” by God in the heart of one of His children in the summer of 2008 while on her first mission trip ever.

The calling was: to start a new work and connect American believers(and those yet to be) with Ugandan believers (and those yet to be) for the purpose of winning the lost (Acts 1:8), making disciples (Matthew 28:19-20), and destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8) for generations until Jesus returns!

The following 29 “pregnant” months were spent seeking God’s plan to bring it to life! After much seeking, listening, waiting, and e-mailing, Liberty International actually was” birthed” in January 2011 when 3 people made a pilot trip to Lira, Uganda!

God brought one year old Bridge of Hope Church in Lira, Uganda into partnership with 13 year old Liberty Church Arab, Alabama to begin walking in that calling.


God has set our minds to be on purpose to take 5 trips with 18 different team members and “many” staying home offering prayer and financial support.

  • Friendships have been established
  • likeminded spirits have joined together
  • church building has been rented
  • electricity has been wired
  • purchased sound equipment, Bibles in English and Luo, and 200 sanctuary church chairs, as well as 50 chairs for children’s church
  • outhouse bathrooms built
  • classroom cement floor poured
  • carpet laid
  • blackboards constructed
  • school desks and locked cupboard built
  • weekly Sunday porridge for church children
  • pastor’s house rented
  • guest coordinator’s house rented
  • Albino ministry launched with 13 children being sponsored
  • women’s, men’s, and pastor conferences held
  • street evangelism
  • community children outreach
  • bunk beds made for local technical school
  • visited, prayed, and brought gifts to hospital, abused women’s shelter, and orphanage
  • 12 different villages visited and Gospel shared with many accepting the invitation to know Jesus
  • adopted one village, purchased bulls to generate income for that village, held VBS for the children, and has pastor holding weekly worship service
  • shared God’s Word on local radio station many time/ 1400 pounds of ministry suitcase items delivered such as personal hygiene items, soccer balls, children’s and adult discipleship curriculum, clothes, flip fops, toys, sunscreen, sunglasses, hand crocheted and purchased hats, hand sanitizers, dish and clothes detergent, and stuffed animals to name a few
  • preached God’s Word during church worship services and daily Bible Lunch hours/ and 4 water filter systems left!

God is still moving us forward with mentorship from existing foreign mission teams with fruit on their tree to continue us on this amazing journey!

There is much of the vision yet to be fulfilled!

Land to be purchased to build Bridge of Hope Ministries that will include: church building, school, guest house, van, medical clinic, radio station, community held marriage, parenting, and financial training center, and mission/pastor training center so as to go into villages to evangelize and church/school plant, child sponsorship, and adult business sponsorship!

The truth stated in Matthew 9:35-38 is still true and we have much to do to be Jesus’ hands and feet as stated in Matthew 25! Jesus said we would do greater works than He did and when He returns will He find faith on this earth!

So many “workers” are needed and we trust God is sending His workers into His harvest by joining together with Liberty International as we “connect”!

If you will say “yes” to be His worker, then you can “connect” in 3 ways:

1. by praying and giving,

2. praying and going, or

3. praying, giving, and going!

 Missions is a mindset.  A purposeful commitment to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, both at home and abroad.

The question isn't whether or not Jesus will evangelize every tribe, tongue, people, and nation as written in Revelation 5:9.

The question is whether you and I will be a part of it?

Join us for the journey!  You’ll be glad you did!

2018 Scheduled Trips

Liberty International 
Lira, Uganda mission trip 2018
1. Women ONLY
January 17-February 1st
Mission focus:
community wide women's conference
Albino children and family outreach
Orphan back to school Bible celebration
Trip cost $2400.00
2. Men ONLY
January 30-February 7
Mission focus:
Community wide men's conference
Church leaders training
Trip cost $2200.00

There are ONLY 6 available slots open  for each mission trip opportunity!!!

Your next step:
1. If more information is needed, Contact Diana Harris 205-446-5186
2. To hold your slot, turn in $100 non-refundable deposit in church offering due September 24th. Make checks payable Liberty Church and mark Uganda mission trip (this will go towards your trip)
3. Receive your mission trip packet
4. Mark your calendar, get ready, get set, and GO!!!

Africa Winter 2016

Guatemala Summer 2016

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Matthew 28:19-20 • Acts 1:8 • James 2:14-16 • 1 John 3:16-18